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Radio 1300 Programming News
More New Music on Radio 1300

We have added approximately 40 new artists and 250 tracks to the Radio 1300 playlist, plus additional tracks for some of our existing artists.

In the next few weeks, we hope to add more details about all of the Radio 1300 Stars of the Space Coast to our website at It’s a work in progress, and we are dancing as fast as we can with our small staff at the station, so thanks to all of you for your patience. :-)

Here we go with the latest new music added to the Radio 1300 playlist:

Robin & Eddy - Album Name: Masters of Love - 12 Tracks

Andy Mason - Album Name: Lost Cowboy - 10 Tracks

Simone - Album Name: Built to Last - 9 Tracks

Dean Brantley Taylor - Song Name: River by the Sea -1 Track
Dean Brantley Taylor - Album Name: Mad July - 9 Tracks
Dean Brantley Taylor - Album Name: Farther from Good - 4 Tracks
Note: Common thread - Dean is one of the songwriters on each of these.

Dan Junk - Album Name: Which Way - 18 Tracks
Dan Junk - Album Name: Rejuvenation - 17 Tracks
Dan Junk - Album Name: Along for the Ride - 14 tracks

Jael - Album Name: Infecting Your Mind - 6 Tracks

Barry Brogan - Album Name: For Example - 6 Tracks

Janet Reedy - Album Name: Live Demo - 6 Tracks

The RockIT Band - Song Name: Return to Space - 1 Track

QuarterBone - Album Name: Fear - 11 Tracks
QuarterBone - Album Name: Skin Deep - 12 Tracks
Note: We already have some of Rocky's projects on the air, so these are additional tracks.

Dave Fiester & the Groove Monsters - Album Name: Jammin’ Live - 6 Tracks

Nobody You Know - Album Name: 9 - 11 Tracks
Note: This is a Steve Thorpe tribute album.

Tropical Motivation - Album Name: Achieve Your Goals, Follow Your Dreams - 12 Tracks

Bjorn Hansen - Album Name: Bjorn - 8 Tracks

Al Scortino - Album Name: Mr. Singer - 14  Tracks
Al Scortino - Album Name: Gibtown - 13 Tracks

Big Red & the Bus - Album Name: Prototype Music - 8 Tracks

The Cool Bus Riders - Album Name: Just Arrived - 6 Tracks

Moon Shine Blue - Album Name: A Stranger to This Place - 15 Tracks

Billy Chapman Band - Album Name: Sweet Nothings - 13 Tracks
Billy Chapman Band - Album Name: A Million Tiny Fingers - 10 Tracks
Note: We already have some of Billy's music on the air, so these are additional tracks.

Invisible Ink - Album Name: Invisible Ink - 5 Tracks

The Bucketeers - Album Name: The Bucketeers - 2 Tracks
Note: We already have the Bucketeers on the air, so these are additional tracks.

The Ashley Gang - Album Name: A Girl from Oklahoma - 12 Tracks

Blue Fusion - Album Name: Blue Fusion - 4 Tracks

Local 518 - Album Name: Local 518 - 12 Tracks

Hidden Angels - Album Name: Swiftly - 15 Tracks

Michael Stone - Album Name: Michael Stone - 7 Tracks

Mister Wilson - Song Name: What Will Tomorrow Bring? - 1 Track

Tight Shoes - Album Name: Tight Shoes - 7 Tracks
Note: The late Dave Fiester of Groove Monsters’ fame, along with others, is on this album.

Paul Roub - Album Name: Paul Roub - 6 Tracks

Men Against Fire - Album Name: Men Against Fire - 2 Tracks

Ken Green - Beautiful Day - Album Name: Promised Land - 5 Tracks

Note: Our "loose" criterion to qualify as one of The Stars of the Space Coast is that the artist has some connection to the Space Coast, meaning currently living here or has lived here in the past. As we say, if the big LA record company signs you tomorrow and moves you to La La Land in California, you still have your Space Coast connection. Also, not every single artist affiliated with a group must have the Space Coast connection but at least one must.

We have done reasonable "due diligence" to validate what we have on the air, but we are not going to hire a private investigator. :-)

3-27-17 -- Even More Great Music
Radio 1300 Adds 56 Additional Tracks by 6 Artists
To its "Stars of the Space Coast" Playlist

Steve Kirsner - 16 Tracks
Michael Mirand - 10 Tracks
Jake McGrew - 25 Tracks
Greg Vadminsky - 1 Track
Cindy Wallace - 4 Tracks
Total New Tracks      56
Radio 1300 Adds 77 New Tracks by 7 New Artists

To its "Stars of the Space Coast" Playlist

The b.a.s.i.c Band - 16 Tracks
Tony Joe Coco - 3 Tracks
Southern Fried Genocide - 9 Tracks
“L” - 3 Tracks
Johan Nilson - 21 Tracks
Rueben Anderson - 3 Tracks
 Jack Smink - 22 Tracks

Total New Tracks - 77

* Some of the more “aggressive” tracks are reserved for the evening playlist.

Radio 1300 offers an affordable alternative for promoting your business, organization, and/or special event.
How to get your music to Radio 1300
-- Bring it to our Central Brevard Studios near I-95 and Highway 520 just west of Cocoa and Rockledge.
    (The street address is at 2355 Pluckebaum Road, Cocoa, FL 32926)
-- Ship it to our studios at the above address. --
-- Mail it to Radio 1300, Attention: Music Director, P. O. Box 560989, Rockledge, FL 32956 --
-- Email your files to --

Radio 1300 is owned and operated by the local small business 321 Corporation -- Copyright 2017 - 321 Corporation

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